The Cocaine  Crisis

Miami in the Late 20th Century

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Cocaine Seizure
Nearly two tons of Colombian cocaine worth an estimated $175 million was seized at a Miami warehouse by U.S. Customs and Drug Enforcement Agent in 1982
Miami Vice
This image shows a scene from the popular TV show "Miami Vice"
DEA Agents Guard Cocaine
DEA agents guard a shipment of cocaine they seized. The cocaine was being hidden inside bags of brown sugar.
Undercover Cop
North Miami Beach officer Terry Scott is undercover selling a "dime" of cocaine to a possible suspect. The person who purchased the cocaine is arrested, 1984. The image was taken on the surveillance of a police car.
Cataloguing Weapons and Drugs
Undercover agents catalogue weapons seized, along with about 30 lbs cocaine, at south Dade home.
Miami Police Officers
6/25/1986, Miami police officers Tom Cannon, right, and Norm Tucker, left, hold plastic bags of drugs confiscated during raid on apartments at 140 NW 10 St.
Miami News FBI Shooting
The Miami News depicts a shootout that happened between FBI agents and cartel leaders in Kendall in 1986
Confiscated Cocaine, 1987
The DEA with 6,292 lbs of confiscated cocaine which was smuggled inside the wood of a picnic table.
Miami Fireman
Fireman in Miami watching cocaine bust on NW 28 street and 32 Avenue
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A Quick Preview of Miami in the 1980s



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